Shapel HI M-soft®

■ Overview

Machinable ceramics boasting high thermal conductivity and strength and excellent workability.
“Shapal HIM Soft” is a highly functional machinable ceramic with excellent thermal conductivity.

Among the machinable ceramics, it has a very high thermal conductivity and high strength, and its thermal conductivity is 90W because it contains aluminum nitride (approximate value), and it is easy to process because it is a composite material with BN. Is also excellent.

Although it is free-cutting, this product is in the category of relatively difficult-to-process materials among its machinable ceramics because of its high strength.

Since it is provided only by machining from plate materials, some shapes cannot be machined.


■ Features

Excellent workability
Excellent vacuum characteristics
High thermal conductivity (90W / m ・ K)
High strength
Low coefficient of thermal expansion
Excellent electrical insulation
Low permittivity / dielectric loss
Complex of AIN and BN


■ Main uses

Vacuum parts
Various electrical components that require heat dissipation and insulation
Jigs that require a low coefficient of thermal expansion