■ Overview

Cemented carbide is a composite material obtained by sintering carbides and nitrides of Group IVa, Va, and VIa of the Periodic Table with iron-based metals such as Fe, Co, and Ni. In particular, WC-Co alloys with the best mechanical properties are generally used as cemented carbides. The manufacturing method is powder metallurgy, in which metal powder is pressed and then baked to obtain the desired shape.
We perform high-precision machining by making full use of various construction methods such as machining direct carving, surface grinding, and electric discharge machining.


■ Features

High hardness (typical value: HRA80-94)
High strength (anti-folding force of about 2 GPa or more)
High rigidity (about 3 times that of Young’s modulus iron)
Relative density (about twice that of iron)


■ Specifications

General cemented carbide
Abrasion resistant carbide
Corrosion resistant carbide
Non-magnetic carbide
Fine particle cemented carbide