Silicon Carbide (SiC)

■ Overview

Fine ceramics that have excellent corrosion resistance and maintain strength even at high temperatures. Silicon carbide is a material that has excellent water resistance among fine ceramics and maintains its strength even at high temperatures. Silicon carbide has high hardness and very poor workability, making it a difficult-to-cut material among ceramics. There are various grades in terms of volume resistance, not insulators. Silicon carbide is a material that maintains its strength even at a high temperature of 1400 ° C and can be used even in harsh environments due to its high corrosion resistance.


■ Features

It has excellent corrosion resistance among fine ceramics.
It is the hardest of all fine ceramics and has excellent wear resistance and sliding.
It has high thermal conductivity, and depending on the grade, it has the same conductivity as aluminum nitride.
Excellent properties as a high temperature structural material and corrosion resistant material.
It also has high creep resistance and oxidation resistance.
The system resistance value varies depending on the grade.


■ Specifications

High purity SiC
High thermal conductivity grade
Please contact us for other grades.


■ Introduction example

Parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Wear resistant parts
Chemical resistant parts (mechanical seals, chemical pumps, etc.)
Heat resistant parts
General industrial parts