Silicon Nitride (Si3N4)

■ Overview

Fine ceramics with high toughness and excellent heat and impact resistance that maintain strength even at high temperatures.
Silicon nitride is a ceramic with excellent heat resistance and hardness.
Silicon nitride, which is a fine ceramic, is a difficult-to-cut material, but it is extremely hard and difficult to process.
Depending on the shape, we can respond to short delivery times by machining from fired materials, so please contact us.
Silicon nitride is extremely resistant to heat shocks, maintains its strength at high temperatures, and has a low coefficient of linear expansion, so it can be used in environments with high loads, and is also widely used as wear-resistant and sliding parts.


■ Features

Excellent thermal shock resistance among fine ceramics (ΔT 800 ℃)
A material that maintains strength even at high temperatures, has high toughness, and has excellent wear resistance.
It has excellent strength, heat impact, and wear resistance at high temperatures.


■ Introduction example

Parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Wear resistant parts
Heat-resistant impact parts
Various mold peripheral parts
General industrial parts