Aluminum Nitride (AlN)

■ Overview

Fine ceramics with excellent heat radiation, high insulation and high thermal conductivity.
Aluminum nitride is a ceramic with excellent high temperature characteristics.
It has extremely high thermal conductivity, and in fine ceramics, it boasts a thermal conductivity comparable to that of silicon carbide = 170W, and its linear expansion coefficient is close to Si and has excellent corrosion resistance, so it is widely used as a member and substrate for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. It has been done.
It is also suitable for heater applications due to its heat characteristics.
It is also used as a heater tool for semiconductor post-process bonding and requires strict flatness / parallelism and surface roughness, but we have been working on many tools from the past and have a track record and processing know-how. We are here.


■ Features

High thermal conductivity and radioactivity among fine ceramics.
It has high electrical insulation and excellent corrosion resistance.
High-priced material among ceramics.
It has high strength, high temperature conductivity, high strength, high Young’s modulus, low expansion coefficient, etc.


■ Specifications

Thermal conductivity 170W type
Thermal conductivity 90W high purity type
Please contact us for other grades


■ Introduction example

Parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Heat sink, insulated glass, protective tube, heat dissipation base, etc.
Electrical components that require heat dissipation and insulation, etc.