Zirconia (ZrO2)

■ Overview

High toughness fine ceramics with high mechanical strength at room temperature.
Zirconia is a ceramic with excellent mechanical strength and wear resistance.
Zirconia, which is a fine ceramic, is a difficult-to-cut material, but we can handle various shapes such as precision and fine processing.
We also offer various proposals such as partially stable and stabilized zirconia, conductive zirconia, and black zirconia.
Since zirconia has an unstable crystal structure and its use at high temperatures is limited, we also handle zirconia suitable for different purposes, such as stabilized zirconia with Y2O3 added.


■ Features

A material that has the highest toughness of all fine ceramics and is less prone to cracking and chipping.
Since it has a high coefficient of thermal expansion and is close to metal, it can be considered in combination.
Since the thermal conductivity is low, a heat insulating effect can be expected.
A material whose crystal structure changes due to temperature changes and is not stable and easily deteriorates.
High temperature and high fracture toughness are 3 to 4 times that of conventional ceramics.
Excellent heat insulation effect.


■ Specifications

Partially stabilized zirconia
Stabilized zirconia
Black zirconia and other color zirconia
Overseas made zirconia


■ Introduction example

Inspection equipment parts
Insulation parts
Precision jig
General industrial parts
Wear resistant parts
Sliding parts