BN (boron nitride)

■ Overview

Ultra-free-cutting machinable ceramics with excellent heat resistance, high-temperature insulation, and price stability.
BN (boron nitride) can be used at 2000 ° C or higher in an inert atmosphere, has excellent insulation at high temperatures, and has excellent thermal characteristics of ΔT 1500 ° C even under heat shock.
In addition, it does not react with many molten metals, is resistant to corrosion, and has chemical stability.
It is easy to machine because it has excellent free-cutting properties, but it also has the properties that drywall is required and the mechanical strength is inferior to other ceramics.
Therefore, there are several types such as high-strength type containing silicon nitride.


■ Specifications

BN purity (about 97%)
BN high purity (about 99.5%)
Aluminum nitride containing type
Silicon nitride-containing type
Please contact us for other grades.


■ Main uses

Parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Ceramic firing member
Related parts for molten metal
Heat treatment jig
Member for improving releasability