■ Overview

It is a representative of free-cutting machinable ceramics with high characteristics in all.
“Hot Veil” is a highly processable machinable ceramic with excellent electrical insulation and heat insulation.
In addition, since the processing accuracy that cannot be achieved with heat insulating materials is ceramics, it can be realized with this product, and it is also used as high precision heat insulating materials.

It has versatility and excellent performance, and is suitable for a wide range of machining from simple shapes to complex shapes, fine shapes, and high-precision machining. It is also effective for projects.
Fine ceramics, which are also difficult-to-cut materials, are often over-engineered, and this product is also suitable as a substitute for such areas.
Due to its heat resistance and extremely poor thermal conductivity, it is also used as a heat insulating material at high temperatures, which cannot be handled by conventional heat insulating materials.


■ Features

It is free-cutting, has a high processing speed, and has a merit of delivery time.
Low price
Low thermal conductivity and heat insulating properties
Excellent electrical insulation
Excellent heat insulation


■ Main uses

Parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Insulation parts
Vacuum equipment parts
Heat treatment jig