Micro ball grinding machine

■ Overview

MB-20 was developed for the purpose of improving mechanical accuracy to the nano level and transferring the accuracy to diamond tools. On the XY axes, linear motors with opposite arrangements, 1 nanoscale and temperature-controlled cooling water enable fine polishing in 10 nanosteps.
In addition, the C-axis has a rotational accuracy of 50 nanometers or less due to the static pressure of the air and the unique mechanism of the DD motor.
As an example of actual results, we have achieved a ball contour accuracy of 0.3 micro and a runout accuracy of 1 micro or less.
In addition to single crystal diamond ball end mills, it is also ideal for improving the accuracy of PCD and CBN materials.


■ Features

Ball end mill with submicron accuracy.
Contour accuracy 0.3 micro, rotational runout accuracy 1 micro or less.
Ultra-fine feed processing is possible
Processing with nano contour is possible


■ Specifications

Standard type is 4-axis CNC
X-axis 0.00001 mm (setting) 200 mm (stroke) Y-axis 0.00001 mm (setting) 140 mm (stroke)
Z-axis 0.00001 mm (setting) 70 mm (stroke) A-axis 0.0001 deg (setting) 360 deg (stroke)
C-axis 0.0001deg (setting) 200deg (stroke) V-axis 0.0001deg (setting) 5 to -15deg (stroke)
[Size] 1400 mm (W) x 1100 mm (D) x 1100 mm (H) 4000 kg
[Static pressure spindle] Maximum rotation speed 4000 min-1 Thrust rigidity 400 N / μm


■ Main uses

Single crystal diamond (natural, man-made, CVD)
Ultra-hard material