High precision diamond grinding machine

■ Overview

We possess the machine element technology required for ultra-precision machining and submicron rotary polishing, and develop products based on them. Among them, the “Diamond Nano Grinding Machine” has achieved a fine feed of 10 nanosteps and a polishing accuracy of 50 nanometers of roundness.
The processing material is single crystal diamond (natural, artificial, CVD) PCD, CBN, etc.


■ Features

Even inexperienced people can polish diamonds
Compatible with various polishing directions
Automatic polishing by NC is possible
Ultra-precision polishing of diamond is possible
Precise shape measurement is possible on the machine
Chipping-less polishing of PCD and CBN is possible
Skyf spindle is equipped with a high-rigidity pneumatic static pressure built-in motor


■ Specifications

Standard type is 4-axis CNC
X-axis 0.0001 mm (setting) 200 mm (stroke) Y-axis 0.0001 mm (setting) 140 mm (stroke)
Z-axis 0.0001mm (setting) 70mm (stroke) A-axis 0.0001DEG (setting) 160DEG (stroke)
Device size: 1400 mm (W) x 1100 mm (D) x 1700 mm (H) Weight: 1100 kg
Main shaft: An aerial static pressure main shaft that uses a low-vibration original built-in motor.
Maximum rotation speed: 4000min-1 Thrust rigidity: 350N / μm
R polishing device (A axis)
Turning range: max160d Cylindrical clearance angle: 0 to 10deg Conical clearance angle: 0 to 15deg
Minimum unit: 0.0001d Minimum radius that can be manufactured: R5 μm Maximum radius that can be manufactured: R50 mm


■ Main uses

Single crystal diamond (natural, man-made, CVD)
CBN etc.