Fiber laser welding system

■ Overview

It is a laser welding system equipped with a fiber laser.
High quality beam mode enables low power welding.
It is possible to support from a single mode of 300W to a multi-mode of several kW.
Since it is compatible with PC control, it can be provided at low cost.


■ Features

Equipped with a domestic manufacturer’s fiber laser
Supports from low output to high output
Optical system can be selected (welding head or galvano scanner)
High range welding is possible (3D scanner can be installed)
Equipped with GUI (operation software) under PC control


■ Specifications

Oscillator: Fiber laser (1070nm)
Output: 300W ~
Optical system: Selectable (scanner system or condenser lens, etc.)
Processing size: 180 x 180 to 380 x 380 mm (3D scanner can be installed to process even higher ranges)
Control method: PC control (with GUI)
Option: Monitoring system can be installed


■ Main uses

Electronic components
Automobile parts
Secondary battery
medical care