Desktop laser processing equipment

■ Overview

It is a laser processing machine that can be used on a desktop.
We have developed a laser processing machine that supports development and trial production.
The laser wavelength is a processing machine that can handle all wavelengths from CO2 laser to excimer laser.
You can also select from nanosecond lasers to ultrashort pulse lasers.
It will be a processing machine that can be customized while performing test processing.


■ Features

High-precision processing (small spot size (10 μm or less), constant focal light) is possible
Wide ability to respond to samples
Multi-function (manual mode, automatic mode support, pseudo 3D processing, semi-automatic alignment function)
Low power (supported by 100V power supply)
Small size (500 x 400 mm)
Compatible with CO2 laser to DUV laser (266nm)


■ Specifications

Oscillator: Selectable from CO2 laser (10.6 μm) to DUV laser (266 nm)
Optical system: Selectable (scanner system or condenser lens, etc.)
Processing size: Up to 300 x 300 mm (larger sizes are also available)
Control method: PC control (with GUI)
Power supply: 100V


■ Main uses

Semiconductor / LCD / Organic EL related
Electronic components related
Automobile parts
Solar cell / secondary battery related
Medical related