Ceramic 3D printer

■ Overview

We handle ceramics 3D printers using stereolithography.
The target material is mixed with UV curable resin, stirred, and irradiated with UV laser to cure.
It is possible to prosecute shapes that could not be manufactured by the conventional method, and we are also conducting research and development using customer’s original materials. Please contact us for details.


■ Specifications

No mold due to stereolithography
Modeling area up to 300
Stacking pitch can be controlled in 1 micron units
Stirring defoaming device for material preparation can be provided
Many achievements in curing oxides / composite oxides, nitrides, glass, etc. (Please contact us for details of actual materials)


■ Features

We accept contract processing for the purpose of considering the introduction of equipment at any time.
A curing test using your own material is also possible.
Oxide-based ceramics that can be fired in an atmospheric furnace can be used up to the firing process.
* The firing process for ceramics that require a vacuum furnace, etc. will be discussed separately.