Wafer transfer machine

■ Overview

A wafer transfer machine is an automatic machine that transfers wafers from a wafer cassette to a wafer cassette or from a cassette to a boat in both directions.
It has a compact design by mounting wafer cassettes on the top and bottom.
The image is an 8-inch transfer machine, but other sizes are also available.


■ Features

Compact design
Can be handled with a unique chuck concept
Product type can be selected with the touch panel
Reprinting is possible in about 20 seconds per sheet
Equipped with cassette presence detection and wafer pop-out detection functions
Available at 100V


■ Specifications

Target work: φ8 inch
Cassette: φ8 inch cassette (13 pieces)
Tact: 20 seconds per sheet
Control method: Touch panel
Safety mechanism: Cassette presence detection / wafer pop-out detection function / overload detection / abnormality alarm / emergency stop
Size: 500 (W) x 700 (D) x 1600 (H) mm 200kg


■ Main uses

Power device
Electronic components