High Precision Machining Center (YMC430)

■ Overview

Focusing on strict quality control and securing and training of excellent human resources, it will be a machining center with high accuracy and high durability. We have achieved outstanding high surface quality and outstanding processing accuracy.
High accuracy is achieved by driving all control axes (XYZ) linear motors and a highly rigid body.
In particular, it demonstrates outstanding ability in mold processing including high-precision contouring processing, and has excellent ability to fully satisfy advanced user needs.


■ Features

Equipped with original advanced technology, raising the level of high-precision machining to a higher level
Equipped with a highly rigid “preload self-adjusting spindle”. Both heavy cutting and high surface quality machining
The “airframe temperature control system” that minimizes thermal deformation of the airframe enables stable, high-precision machining over a long period of time without being adversely affected by the factory environment.
Equipped with a high-precision interpolation function. Achieves high-precision, high-speed, high-precision machining by correctly reflecting high-quality NC data in machining.


■ Specifications

Movement amount: X-axis movement amount (table left and right) 420mm Y-axis movement amount (front and back of table) 300mm
Z-axis movement amount (up and down of spindle head) 250 mm
Table: Table work surface size 600 x 350 mm
Maximum loading mass on the table 100 kg
Main shaft: Main shaft maximum rotation speed 40000min-1
Main shaft taper hole HSK-E32


■ Main uses

medical care
Electronic components