Laser soldering robot system

■ Overview

The semiconductor laser makes it a non-contact soldering robot system.
Soldering with a laser is a clean soldering that does not contain impurities.
Laser soldering is non-contact and does not put a load on the board, and efficient heating and solder supply enable stable automation of soldering. It can be soldered even in narrow places where the tip does not fit or in high-density mounting, and it is easy to maintain.


■ Features

Non-contact / minute beam spot
Laser irradiation mode can be selected
Various construction methods are possible
Supports workpieces unique to the laser method (narrow spaces, mold locations, etc.)
Automation by stable soldering is possible


■ Specifications

Oscillator: 60W semiconductor laser wavelength 980nm JIS class 4
Minimum beam spot: Φ300㎛
Working distance: 13 mm
Solder diameter: 0.3-1.6 mm
Configuration: Robot / Oscillator / Laser head / Teaching pendant / Windows application * PC not included)
Power supply: AC 100V 50 / 60Hz


■ Main uses

Home appliances
Electronic equipment for self-driving vehicles
medical care